est 2020

Regardless of where you are at on your fitness journey today, you are welcomed to Nahnu Fitness. As a team, we are made up of different fitness backgrounds, college-educated, and sports-specific training. We leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our team to guide you towards success on your fitness journey.

The transformations are more than just the photos you see. We help our clients make long-term healthy lifestyle changes. We are grateful for the opportunity to support every client and reader of our blog on his or her personal fitness journey. Our Team looks forward to supporting your fitness goals.


At Nahnu Fitness, we see ourselves as more than just fitness trendsetters. Our mission is to deliver the most effective, scientifically-backed information with reliable diet and training consultation.  When it comes to your goals, we are passionate about giving you the tools needed for long-term success. By skipping the fluff and focusing on what works, we prioritize your goals. 

About Nahnu Fitness

We live the life that we talk about on social media.  Educated back fitness and nutrition for all to learn. No matter the setting or location, our goal is to share our knowledge with all to benefit from.  All that we do is build around a modern approach to fitness. Like all, we update our knowledge and keep learning science-backed information. 

Nahnu Fitness was founded by Jaime Alnassim